• Beware The Ides of March!

    Yes, this is it. The day Tower of Babble is officially open to the public.

    What the heck is this??? Tower of Babble is a discussion forum to talk about...well, anything. Invite your friends! Invite your enemies! Just tell everyone you know because playing with others is more fun than playing with yourself. Please Like and Share us on Facebook!

    Thank you to all our friends who helped us launch some topics and test out the software and themes. And a special shout out to Nertz, who designed our logo.

About Tower of Babble

About Tower of Babble

We love social media like Facebook for keeping up with friends and family, sharing pictures, and planning events. Twitter is a great place to tune into the latest events in the world or follow famous people and organizations.

However, in-depth discussions on difficult and controversial topics are hard to follow on social media. The forum format makes it easier to talk to others, learn from them, and maybe even teach something. You won’t have to wade through trolling posts to find what’s worth reading.

Your real name is not required on Tower of Babble. In fact, we’d prefer you don’t use it, so you can post without fear of being silenced (or even doxxed) for having an unpopular opinion. Stalkers don’t know who you are here. Your family won’t get mad at you because you say something they don’t approve of. For these reasons, we do not provide registration through other sites, such as social media.

We’re not here to spy on you or sell you like a commodity. We don’t care for that either. There are no ads on this forum.

Free Speech on a Discussion Forum

Tower of Babble is meant to be a place for the free exchange of ideas, and sometimes people express ideas with some rough edges. That’s OK.

This doesn’t mean Tower of Babble is a free-for-all either. We prefer not to censor, but keeping the peace so a discussion can continue is our job as administrators.