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    Yes, this is it. The day Tower of Babble is officially open to the public.

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Anonymous Posting

Anonymous Posting

Tower of Babble currently offers anonymous posting in two forums:

  • PTSD - a support forum for those dealing with PTSD as a result of military service only
  • Adult Conversation - Yes, the title pretty much says it all (no porn though)

If you post anonymously, those reading the forum will not know you made the post. The checkbox for anonymous posting is checked by default. If you want to post under your username, you will need to uncheck it.

Administrators can access information about who authored a post in case anonymous posting is abused. Please report anonymous posts like you would report any other post.

OK, here’s the most important thing if you’re a user on either of these forums:

*** Do not share another member's private information ***

Yes, you may be able to figure out who posted something anonymously, but make no reference to that in public.

And do not share anything said in private forums elsewhere. Doing so could get your access to these forums removed, and possibly cause a suspension or banning from the forum. Conversation in private forums depends on everyone’s discretion, so please be discrete.