• Beware The Ides of March!

    Yes, this is it. The day Tower of Babble is officially open to the public.

    What the heck is this??? Tower of Babble is a discussion forum to talk about...well, anything. Invite your friends! Invite your enemies! Just tell everyone you know because playing with others is more fun than playing with yourself. Please Like and Share us on Facebook!

    Thank you to all our friends who helped us launch some topics and test out the software and themes. And a special shout out to Nertz, who designed our logo.



Mentions are an easy and familiar way to tag other members in your posts to get their attention. Just begin by typing @ followed by the member’s name. Once you start typing, a box will pop up suggesting usernames you can choose from.

Once you post your reply, the @ will disappear (this creates a cleaner look) and the member’s name will become a link to their profile.

The member you tag will get an alert (on the upper right section of the forum) with a link to the post they were tagged in. Mentions are a great way to help friends find content they might be interested in.