• Beware The Ides of March!

    Yes, this is it. The day Tower of Babble is officially open to the public.

    What the heck is this??? Tower of Babble is a discussion forum to talk about...well, anything. Invite your friends! Invite your enemies! Just tell everyone you know because playing with others is more fun than playing with yourself. Please Like and Share us on Facebook!

    Thank you to all our friends who helped us launch some topics and test out the software and themes. And a special shout out to Nertz, who designed our logo.


Guidelines and Rules

Welcome to Tower of Babble. We hope you’ll join our community and take part in conversation on many topics with others who have diverse opinions.

This is our virtual living room, so please try to be a good guest.

In any conversation, things can get heated sometimes. Anyone can have a bad day and say something harsh. We expect that. It’s the price of dialogue.

But for the very few who think entering someone’s living room and peeing on the carpet is acceptable behaviour, we’d like to suggest you might another find another virtual place more suitable.

Specific rules:

  • No personal attacks. Attack the idea – not the person.
  • Don’t sell things here. No spam, no MLM sales.
  • Do not share another member's private information.
  • No illegal activity.


If you receive a warning, don’t panic. It just means things got a little heated or there was a misunderstanding. You can start a private thread in Petitions & Queries if you want to talk to us.


Multiple warnings could lead to a suspension. If you get suspended, it’s a cooling off period. You can talk to us over in the Appeals area and we’ll try to iron things out.


We wish we never had to ban anyone, but sometimes it happens. We have to be concerned about our other guests too. They deserve better treatment than being chased from the party because of one guest who would rather ruin a party than join it.