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  1. ToyBoxOrphan

    Announcement! Forum Upgrade

    Hmm. I must just be logged in to http anyway then? Nothing changes for me.
  2. ToyBoxOrphan

    Announcement! Forum Upgrade

    Was it doing this before the upgrade?
  3. ToyBoxOrphan

    Announcement! Forum Upgrade

    I've upgraded the forum to the current version, Xenforo 2.0.9 as well as upgrading a couple of our add ons. Please let us know if anything is working incorrectly!
  4. ToyBoxOrphan

    Politics There’s no good reason to stop felons from voting

    I feel like this thread got mixed up with the cannabis thread.
  5. ToyBoxOrphan

    Politics Should we legalize cannabis?

    I don't disagree that it's horseshit. I'm saying it's better for people to have a change of position for the wrong reasons for them to not have a change of position at all.
  6. ToyBoxOrphan

    Music So torn on this one

    Problem solved! Queensryche is coming to San Antonio in September with the Scorpions. Now I just have to convince my out of town visitor to go to the show with me even though she usually listens to techno. :ROFL:
  7. ToyBoxOrphan

    Politics Should we legalize cannabis?

    Oh money probably has almost everything to do with it. I just don't think it matters. I never get a hangover, but I just don't drink large quantities. I'm a sleepy drunk and that's just boring, so I only have one or two drinks.
  8. ToyBoxOrphan

    Other Taxes

    Well I'd obviously rather be successful than have the loss on my taxes. If it doesn't work out, it's just a failed business, I guess. I've got a couple years to figure it out.
  9. ToyBoxOrphan

    Social Issues I shouldn't have to so I'm not going to

    Honestly, I felt safe too.
  10. ToyBoxOrphan

    Politics There’s no good reason to stop felons from voting

    This subject is so hard for me to talk about. I have opinions....extremely strong opinions. My brother, who was a very good man, struggled all his life to stay inside the boundaries of the law. It only takes one time to fuck you up for life. He was born in 1966 and voted for the very first...
  11. ToyBoxOrphan

    Politics Should we legalize cannabis?

    I definitely think it should be legal and I'm not a user either. I've smoked it a few times (5-ish?) and I would likely smoke it a few more in my life if it was legal, but it's not my thing. I fail to see how it's any different from alcohol though. Some will use it occasionally and function...
  12. ToyBoxOrphan


    :tada: Yay! I did mine last week and already got my refund.
  13. ToyBoxOrphan

    Social Issues I shouldn't have to so I'm not going to

    This is totally weird to me. We had at least 3 bomb threats called in while I was in elementary school.
  14. ToyBoxOrphan

    Cooking zomg a new Instant Pot!

    I will also need to figure out how canning might be different at high altitude.
  15. ToyBoxOrphan

    Army Infantry, cavalry scouts, combat medics and others eligible for retention bonus

    Doc D, does this apply to you or just regular 68W? Continue reading...
  16. ToyBoxOrphan

    Other Taxes

    I haven't even tried to wrap my brain around the new bill. My taxes this next year won't be anything like normal anyway with Doc D going to Korea. I don't have a side business just to save money on our main income, but it worked anyway. :lol: I did get us back some extra money with the loss...
  17. ToyBoxOrphan

    Games Word association!

  18. ToyBoxOrphan

    Other Growing the Membership

    Mostly I think the goal is to just find people who actually want to talk about things, regardless of their position, rather than have petty arguments that devolve into name calling and such. Anybody of any point of view is welcome as long as they can follow our super basic rules.
  19. ToyBoxOrphan

    Pets Our cat died last week

    I haven't been around in the last week mostly because I've been coping with one of our cats dying. It was extremely sudden and there was nothing that could be done but take her to the vet and end her pain as fast as possible. She was only 8 years old, but likely had a heart condition that...
  20. ToyBoxOrphan

    Chat OMG Shoes!

    Those are all really nice. I can't wear shoes like that. :( They don't come up high enough on my foot and it looks stupid.