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Introduction Frigg! Your host


Feb 12, 2018
Well, one of the admins, along with ToyBoxOrphan.

I've been online since, yes, before there was an Internet. Which tells you I'm an old fart. Some of you may know me from other places online. Seeker's BBS from the 80s and 90s, perhaps, or one of the various religion discussion forums where you may know me from my chicken avatar.

And if we haven't met before, well, welcome to Tower Of Babble!

ToyBoxOrphan and I met a decade ago on one of those discussion forums, and have been friends since. One day a couple of weeks ago we were both musing about how difficult it is to sustain any real talk on social media, so we decided what the heck, let's just open up a forum where it's easier.

The coffee, tea and club soda are on the table over there, and help yourself to some baklava.
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