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Introduction Greetings and salutations

Mar 2, 2018
I've been lurking and posting a bit now, so I suppose it is high time to introduce myself to those who do not know me already (or who can't guess from this introduction). I'm a single custodial father of five; I raised my four youngest children on my own since 2001. I also have five grandchildren. Everyone is out of the house now (my youngest is a freshman in college), at least most of the time. Although I have been single for seventeen years, I have been learning how to live alone since last fall with only the company of an old, fat, black cat.

I seem to collect hobbies and pursuits. Over the years I have dabbled with being a freelance writer (fiction and non fiction), done leather work, collected coins, become a huge board game nerd (and tried my hand at board game design), been a Cub Scout and Girl Scout leader, substitute taught French in the local high schools, ran my own telemarketing and sales office in the 90's, read almost anything (no romances or detective fiction) and really enjoy reading manuals of all sorts. I love playing and GMing RPGs and chair the RPGs for a twice yearly local gaming convention. I have tried my hand at many musical instruments over the years (and I play them as well as can be expected by not sticking to any one for any period of time), but recently have been addicted to virtual modular synthesis with VCV Rack (www.vcvrack.com). I had a short lived screen printed T shirt business once as well.

I've was raised Roman Catholic, but decided to get out of that the day of my confirmation (actually the thought came to me during my confirmation, a kind of anti-epiphany I suppose). I succumbed to the allure of existentialism in high school (I took French for four years and we read a mess of existential novels), morphed into atheism/existentialism in college. I later joined a Wiccan coven and a short time after a grove of ADF Druids. After my divorce I returned to my atheist ways, only to rediscover Stoicism and now try to brand myself as a kind of atheist/stoic/existentialist (no, I have no credo). I am not a militant atheist, and while a certain part of me likes the anger and take-it-to-the-man attitude of such, I don't really see the point in pissing people off needlessly or just to make a point. Besides, I'm over conflict for conflicts' sake.

I'm also a life-long, card carrying nerd. I had an actual pocket protector and slide rule in high school, and when I joined the chess club, I brought my 3D chess set. I have almost no social skills, so pardon me if I offend. Although I am not autistic, I really get were they are coming from. I spent most of my elementary school years in special education (so much fun), but somehow wound up at a really fantastic college. Must have been the ridiculous fifteen page personal essay I wrote on the application. Or they really needed the money that year.

I have made precious few friends in my life, but those that I have made usually are life long and are extremely special to me (mostly since I can't make friends very easily). I do poorly in social situations, so a forum like this suits me just fine. Even talking on the phone is often too intimate for me, unless it's work oriented or a definitely non-social call (like calling a business to ask what hours they are open).

I look forward to learning from all of you.