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Introduction Hi again

Mar 2, 2018
Hey everyone it's the poster formerly known as Force10. I don't have a lot of history on this forum yet so I asked ToyBoxOrphan to change my name so I can try it out here before changing on more established forums. I've mentioned being gender variant on a couple of threads before but the truth is that I'm male to female transgender. I've come to this realization only recently and I'm now learning what I need to do to transition to living as female full time. My wife is understandably scared and angry but she is willing to go to therapy to see if this is something she can do or if we need to get divorced. Optimistically I'd like to be full time by my 45th birthday (June 19, 2019) but there are a few factors that will determine that, namely finances and how comfortable my wife is with things. The first step will be to start taking hormones, namely estrogen but perhaps T blockers as well (my T is already way lower than normal so the latter may not be necessary). I've also bought a bunch of new clothes and a new wig in the past week. I'm going to need more variety in my wardrobe when I go full time so I'm starting now. I am very grateful to live in California where trans people are more or less accepted (although there are still asshats out there). This will be an exciting (albeit scary) journey toward living as my authentic self.


Feb 12, 2018
I'm glad your wife is willing to go to counseling. You're going to need some help to see where your relationship goes from here.

Somewhat different, but I watched a friend of mine realize he was gay, and he and his wife figured out that actually they both are. So they have one great daughter, but they really didn't belong together.

Good luck on your journey!