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Introduction Hi!


Feb 12, 2018
So, I'm doing forums again! Frigg! and I were getting kind of tired of trying to have discussions about serious subjects (or even just fun subjects) on FB. Your comments get lost, the posts themselves get lost, other people tell you to get lost, etc. Since it seemed like others felt the same way, we decided to create a space to talk with our friends and hopefully make new friends too.

Many of you might know me from other forums in the past, but I was looking for a bit of a fresh start. Some of you might think of me as the fallen angel of RF. ;) Let's just leave old names out of it though. I suspect we will eventually all figure out who each person is since so many of us are FB friends, but it's more fun this way.

I'm almost 40 and I've spend the last 11 years moving all over the country when the Army decides it's time for my husband go somewhere new. Right now that's Texas, but we have another PCS coming up very soon. We are childfree by choice and have 2 cats. I'm sure I'll post pictures of them eventually since they are so awesome. I love comics, sci-fi, roleplaying, video games, and knitting.

If I say much more, I won't have subjects to start threads for. :lol:

Anyway, welcome to Tower of Babble!
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Mar 1, 2018
Hey friend! I'll be sad when you leave Tx, but I know it hasn't been a very easy place for you to live. Hopefully, this forum will keep us more in touch after you leave!