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Social Issues Why Are Black Students Punished So Often? Minnesota Confronts a National Quandary

Mar 1, 2018


Feb 12, 2018
Well, Becky DeVos' job is to dismantle public education. She seems to have some sort of idea how to do that job. I'm quietly hoping her brother (?) Eric Prince, of Blackwater fame, ends up with his ass in jail by the time the FBI investigation is through with him.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, when I was in a majority black school it was interesting being one of the handful of white kids. When I was in the majority white school, you could guarantee that any black kid would be put in Special Education, no matter how smart he was. So don't let anyone ever tell you the South is where all the racial problems are, because that's just bs.

A friend of mine spend some years in Griffin, GA working to support the Baha'i Community there, and among other things she spent a lot of time doing was going in and making sure the black kids could stay in school, because they'd be suspended and expelled over pretty much nothing, but the white kids, nope no problem there! Yeah, it took a white lady to go in and get anyone to listen to her. Well, she's kind of a force of nature too, so I'm sure that was a help as well. When you grow up in Harlem, you don't learn to be southern "nice" and let people roll over you.